Jeanne McAlister

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

jeanneJeanne McAlister, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of McAlister Institute, is a pioneer in the field of recovery. As a recovering alcoholic herself, Jeanne has used her experience to build an agency that is founded upon empathy and hope and dedicated to serving those who suffer. She has constantly advocated for responsive and needed treatment services and developed programs which have adapted and grown to meet the needs of San Diegans. In 2010, for instance, Jeanne was the first Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) specialist to be named Mental Health Person of the Year for championing programs that address co-occurring disorders and integrate substance abuse and mental health treatment. At the young age of 81, she continues to use over 40 years of experience to lead the agency to the top of its field. Through her vision, and with the help of McAlister Institute’s wide variety of programs, tens of thousands of individuals have successfully regained their lives.

In November, Jeanne celebrated 58 years clean and sober.