McAlister Institute offers 24 programs that represent a complete continuum of care for the prevention and treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. Each program is built on more than 40 years of experience in alcohol and other drug services and has been tailored to meet the needs of individuals, families, and communities that have been affected by substance abuse. At this time, most programs accept Medi-Cal and are also able to assist individuals who are Medi-Cal eligible. To learn more about our programs, admission criteria, and intake processes, please click on the program category below, and contact the program that best suits your needs. You may also call (619) 442-0277 to be connected, or you may contact the Access and Crisis Line 24/7 by dialing (888) 724-7240.

Regional Recovery Centers
McAlister Institute’s regional recovery centers are outpatient programs for adults over the age of 18 who are impacted by substance use and other drug-related issues, including co-occurring mental health issues. Wraparound services include assessment, treatment planning, individual and group counseling, case management and care coordination, mental health services, vocational support, re-entry assistance, housing assistance, extensive linkages to community resources, and aftercare recovery services.

Outpatient centers are located throughout San Diego County:

East County Regional Recovery Center (ECRRC)
1365 N. Johnson Avenue, Suite 111
El Cajon, CA 92020
Phone: 619-440-4801
To reach PC 1000 East: 619-440-4801 x1209

North Central Women’s Recovery Center (NCWRC)*
8665 Gibbs Avenue, Suite 150
San Diego, CA 92123
Phone: 858-384-6284

North Coastal Regional Recovery Center (NCRRC)
1211 West Vista Way, Building C
Vista, CA 92083
Phone: 760-721-2781

1701 Mission Avenue, Suite 310
Oceanside, CA 92058
Phone: 760-721-2781

North Coastal Women’s Recovery Center (NCoWRC)*
3355 Mission Ave, Ste. 239
Oceanside, CA 92054
Phone: 8760309-3867

North Inland Regional Recovery Center (NIRRC)
200 East Washington Avenue, Suite 100
Escondido, CA 92025
Phone: 760-741-7708

North Inland Women and Adolescent Recovery Center (NIWARC)*
751 Rancheros Drive, Suite 5
San Marcos, CA 92069
Phone: 760-761-0515

South Bay Regional Recovery Center (SBRRC)
1180 Third Avenue, Suite C3
Chula Vista, CA 91911
Phone: 619-691-8164

South Bay Women’s Recovery Center (SBWRC)*
2414 Hoover Avenue, Suite C
National City, CA 91950
Phone: 619-336-1226

*Specifically designed for women – offers on-site, co-op childcare and parenting classes.

Kiva Learning Center for Women and Children 
Kiva is a residential treatment program for women, with and without children, who are seeking help for alcohol and other drug addiction. Over the course of approximately 90 days, clients live in a supportive, structured environment and participate in treatment planning, individual and group counseling, parenting classes (and access to on-site child care), educational workshops, mental health services, domestic violence support, vocational training, and extensive linkages to community resources.
Contact: 619-465-7303

New Connections
New Connections is a residential program specially tailored to address the needs of individuals with justice involvement. Services are designed to help clients overcome re-entry barriers through assessment, individual and group counseling, treatment planning, vocational training, community referrals, and other support services.
Contact: 619-465-7303

Adult Detox
Adult Detox is located in Lemon Grove and provides short-term, non-medical residential detoxification for men and women experiencing problems with alcohol and other drugs. Over the course of 2 to 14 days, clients live in a safe, supportive environment and receive assessment, alcohol and drug education, treatment planning, an introduction to 12-Step recovery, and community referrals, including linkages to medication assisted treatment (MAT).
Contact: 619-442-0277

Kiva Women’s Detox
Kiva Detox is a short-term, non-medical residential program specifically designed to help women detox from alcohol and other drugs in a safe and supportive environment. This program is proud to report 100% drug-free births for pregnant and parenting women, and many women go on to receive further residential treatment, including services at our co-located Kiva program.
Contact: 619-465-7303

Teen Recovery Centers
McAlister Institute Teen Recovery Centers (TRCs) provide substance abuse treatment, recovery, and education for adolescents who are using, misusing, or abusing alcohol and/or other drugs. Each program accommodates teens’ school schedules, offering after-school treatment, individual and group counseling, and structured recovery activities to help teens develop the tools they need to stay alcohol- and drug-free. Programs are conveniently located for easy access and now offer locations at schools throughout the County.

East Teen Recovery Center (ETRC)
550 Fesler Street, Suite G1
El Cajon, CA 92020
Phone: 619-588-5361

South Teen Recovery Center (STRC)
371 E St. Ste 150
Chula Vista, CA 91910
Phone: 619-691-1045

Adolescent Group Homes
McAlister Institute offers two gender-specific homes where substance abusing teens can seek up to 30 days of residential treatment. While in the program, adolescents participate in assessments, individual counseling, structured recovery activities, group education, and self-help groups. Locations are kept confidential, so please call our Adolescent Intake Coordinator to learn more information or to schedule an intake: 619-442-0277 x2202.

SAFE Housing – Supportive Housing
SAFE Housing is a small residential home for women who have been referred by Child Welfare Services (CWS) while they are in the process of reunifying with their children. An on-site, live-in manager helps offer a clean, safe, and supervised environment for women and their children as they take the next steps toward living independently in the community. Please contact 619-440-4801 x1221

Our Recovery and Bridge Center (RBC) is a diversion program that provides an alternative to incarceration for community members found intoxicated in public. The center offers different levels of sobering services based on the needs of the individuals who are referred and transported to the facility by health, safety, and/or law enforcement agencies. It serves a diverse range of adults, offering participants the opportunity to stay at the center for a minimum of four (4) hours for sobering purposes as appropriate.

The center operates 24/7 and provides a clean and safe service environment with onsite staff that includes nursing support, counseling professionals, and service navigators. Once participants are no longer intoxicated, they receive individual counseling and are connected to needed services, including real-time assistance in accessing transitional housing and substance use (SU) treatment. All individuals served at the center receive printed information on SU treatment and recovery services.

Many referred individuals face challenges such as homelessness, co-occurring mental health conditions, and chronic substance use. The center provides comprehensive support, including initial screening, ongoing monitoring, crisis management, and effective linkages.

RBC also offers Prosecution and Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion Services (PLEADS) for eligible participants.

The Recovery and Bridge Center is a collaborative effort between McAlister Institute, the City of San Diego’s Police Department, the County of San Diego’s Public Safety Group, and the County of San Diego’s Behavioral Health Services division.

Recovery and Bridge Center (RBC)

3511 India Street
San Diego, CA 92103
Phone: 619-294-5760

The State Department of Health Care Services licenses McAlister Institute Programs. Below is our list of Certificate numbers and expirations.

Program: Certificate Number: Expiration Date: DHCS Licensed/Cert:
ECRRC – East County Regional Recovery Center 370045DN 4/30/2024 Certified
ETRC – McAlister Institute East Teen Recovery Center 370045AMN 4/30/2025 Certified
GH East – McAlister Institute Group Home – East 370045MN 11/30/2024 Certified
GH South – McAlister Institute Group Home – South 370045VN 5/31/2024 Certified
McAlister Institute – Lemon Grove Facility 370045FN 4/30/2024 Licensed and Certified
NCRRC – (Vista) North Coastal Regional Recovery Center 370045AN 4/30/2024 Certified
NCRRC – (Mission Ave) North Coastal Regional Recovery Center 370045AVN 6/30/2025 Certified
NCWRC – North Central Women’s Recovery Center 370045ATN 4/30/2024 Certified
NCoWRC – North Coastal Women’s Recovery Center 370045WN 6/30/2025 Certified
NIRRC – North Inland Regional Recovery Center 370045AUN 4/30/2024 Certified
NIWARC – North Inland Women/Adolescent Recovery Center 370045AQN 10/31/2025 Certified
SBRRC – McAlister Institute South Bay Regional Recovery Center 370045ABN 2/28/2025 Certified
SBWRC – McAlister Institute South Bay Women’s Recovery Center 370045BN 4/30/2024 Certified
STRC – South Teen Recovery Center 370045ACN 4/30/2024 Certified